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desklab pro  schools  and  event  post photography imaging software . Providing the facility to produce bespoke customer Proof Cards and Package printing , in one easy to use desktop program.

Follow the installation instructions shown on the Download Page . You will require a licence key to view / trial the software. Please contact  us to arrange your trial.


desklab pro

Key Features

including name data processing of data collection enabled  cameras

graphics  with optional dynamic package imaging , and School or Event name.

image packages to fulfil returning Proof Card orders.

folders ready for printing.

print , select printer  etc. Included output options :-  PDF , Fuji C8 , and  InsituaFX integration .

systems and integrated order fulfilment.  

And more….

Short video showing desklab pro creating dymamic Proof Cards.

For more information or to discuss how desklab pro may be able to help your business please  Contact Us.

desklab pro  screen shots

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